Liselot Bergen

Liselot Bergen

I’m Liselot Bergen. I’m originally from Amsterdam, have traveled extensively and am multicultural and multilingual. My quest for inner knowledge and wisdom began at an early age and has continued throughout my life.

I’ve studied with masters from Europe, Asia, and America and have traveled and worked closely with Sogyal Rinpoche, the Tibetan Lama who authored The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. My spiritual and executive coaching practice draws strongly from my deep experience and understanding of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity.

I’m so fortunate to be blessed with the unique gift of inner knowing and perception of all that is around me and within me. In my coaching and my classes, I work at three levels: the energetic environment I create which surrounds those with whom I work, the meaning of the words I use, and the energy that is transmitted as I speak. I use this gift to guide those I work with to great depths of understanding of themselves and the energetic, intimate knowing of the Divine connection they feel within their body. This work leads to deep emotional and spiritual healing, and direct connection to their Divine core.

I’m an Advanced Oneness Trainer, Spiritual & Live Coach, Family Constellation Facilitator, Relaxed Focus Attention Facilitator, Certified Reiki Master, and Stargate Facilitator.

I can be reached at, +1 801-556-3537, or Skype: liselotbergen or click the button below:


~ Liselot Bergen, June 2016